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    Default Points and Votes

    What are the points and votes by peoples names?

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    Default RE: Points and Votes

    I was just going to post this, I was wondering the same.

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    When you reply to a post, somebody can "rate" you and/or your participation on the boards. And you can rate somebody when she replies to a post of yours. 1 vote equals 2 points.

    I am still somewhat new at this myself, but from what I can gather, you can only rate a user once.

    I'm not sure of what relevance the votes/points are, but some people have a lot of them and some people have no votes even though they have hundreds of posts!

    Hope this answers your question.

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    ribbit1019 Guest

    Default Relevance of Points and Votes

    I would like to know too, a while back I remember reading a post about a pin? Not sure if that was related though. I will do a search and see what I can find...

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    The pin was a completely different thing. They were a fun thing designed by board members and sold as a fundraiser for a mom and babe in need.

    The votes and ratings are a feature of the board software that the Fields just left in place when the boards were created. They have no "official" use. Most people just use them to be able to give someone a pat on the back or a thank you.

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    Thanks Beth!

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