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    manatee Guest

    Default Question on viewing threads

    Hi all,

    I'm pretty new here and I am stuck on something. When I was viewing the messages as a guest, I was able to see 3 pages of messages. However, after I signed and and logged in, only 1 page of messages come up. It no longer gives me the option of going to page 2 and page 3. Am I doing something wrong? This seems wrong that I can view less items as a signed in user than as a guest. Can someone help me?

    Also, when I went to the Baby411 topic, all the forums there says protected forum. What does this mean?


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    manatee Guest

    Default RE: Question on viewing threads

    Oops. I think I just figured this out.

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    manatee Guest

    Default RE: Question on viewing threads

    Ok. Another question. Is there anyway I can delete a post I originated?

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