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    Default RE: Has this become a co-op?

    Can I join the Confusion Club because I am, too. This isn't a co-op so I don't know why this was moved.

    Are we not allowed to post links to stores because if so, I think they should all be treated the same and all moved here, too.

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    Default RE: Dark colors!

    I do too. I have too many black bags/purses to count! But I just thought that out of 6 color choices, to have 3 be so similar was a bit disappointing.

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    Default RE: Colors

    I am also drawn to the red, but I want to make sure my husband would be fine with carrying it, too--so it will probably be black for us.

    Hmm, can anyone with a red duo comment on whether a guy would feel OK occasionally carrying that color? my husband has a red gym bag, but I guess this is different...

    I wish the charcoal had black piping, which make it more sleek and versatile. The baby blue piping makes the charcoal one look too much like a diaper bag, at least judging from the photo.

    Anyone know what material the piping is made out of? is it cloth or nylon or plastic? my hesitation about the black is that I worry the white piping could get dirty easily. Any comments from those who have seen the bags IRL?

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