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Thread: Oompa toys coop

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    Default Oompa toys coop

    Hi, everyone. I've been on this particular board for a long while now, and I'm sorry to say that I just keep up to date with all of the greatest clothing through you guys, but I rarely if ever post. I have a 7 month old son, and I've become a Hanna addict from this board. Anyway, I wanted to make sure all of you know about the Oompa coop that's going on through Baby bargains. I thought that great minds think alike, and since we all like the same clothing lines, you all would probably love the toys at Oompa. (you can get the same kind of toys at other, mainly on-line stores, but there's a co-op going on with Oompa right now.) Anyway, I've ordered about $300 worth of stuff from them so far. It's as bad as my Hanna addiction. Just type in the code "2005WP20" to get 20% off and free shipping on a purchase over $100. If you want to purchase less and get less of a discount, the info. is on the co-op section of the boards. I'm finding that at 20% off and free shipping, the toys are comparable in price or even less than the plasticky stuff you see in most of the stores. I ordered a bunch of HABA stuff, and it is just so beautiful. Really heirloom quality toys. Anyway, if anyone has any questions about what anything looks like IRL, let me know. I am only sending 2 things back out of about 30 things that I bought, you this is a rave review! I also apologize if I'm violating the rules here by talking about toys rather than clothing. I won't make a habit of it! Susan Oh-- very important. The co-op ends on May 15, so you've got to hurry!

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    Default RE: Oompa toys coop

    Thanks! I just ordered my first HABA toys, though I've been eyeing them for awhile. :-)

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    Default RE: Oompa toys coop

    Thanks and uh-oh! I love Haba! The Big Voyage set was a huge hit for DD at Christmas (13 months) and she still loves it!


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    Thanks! I've ordered Holztiger wooden people from them before. They have such nice stuff.

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    Thanks so much! I love Haba toys and did not know of this online shop yet.
    Placed an order last night and it is laready shipped. Can't wait to for it to arrive.

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    Default RE: Oompa toys coop

    This is the BEST NEWS - thanks for sharing!

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    Default Oompa Coop extended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just wanted to let folks know we've extended the coop until the end of May! See coop forum.

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    Default Oompa Coop ever again??

    I missed this one and now am hitting my head because I didn't pay attention. Just bumping this up now to see if there might be a chance to have another co-op sometime soon?

    Momma to Ean...the little love of my life!
    AND Baby #2 EDD 01/08/06!

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    Default RE: Oompa Coop ever again??

    It's not Oompa, but around this same time we did a Co-op with I have been emailing back and forth with the owner and she's giving us a discount again. They have the Haba, Holztiger, and such. Here are the codes for the discount.

    8cd2ab for FREE shipping from $35.00
    1eb3a1 for 20% off $55.00 and up; free shipping from $69.00

    The coupons don't apply items that are currently on sale (TC Timber blocks and Beach toys) and all Kettler Tricycles, High chairs, like-a-bikes and Wheel Scooters.

    It expires on Thursday 9/22/05.

    Hope this helps!


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