I arranged a discount with Willow Toys.

Willow Toys has offered us a one time coop offer before they change their business model on Wooden Kitchens and Playstands.

Who is Willow Toys?
A small family home-based business who makes wonderful wooden toys for children.

Website: Note we have a special URL for our sale!
http://willowtoys.com/BBBCOOP321123.htm Willow Toys

PRICES: Regular Price/Sale Price/Sale Price w/Refrigerator

Small Kitchens
Dakota $160/$150/$310
Sandy $160/$150/$310

Large Kitchens
Ivy $180/$165/$330
Liam $180/$165/$330
Willow $185/$170/$335

Playstands $245/$230.00
Playstands Pack $345/$275.00

If you would like to buy a play kitchen for the Holidays this year.. well this may be a good opportunity.