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    Default Kozy Kid Creations NapMats

    Now through August 11th

    Kozy Kid Creations Napmats & Backpacks!

    You can now order directly from Kozy Kid Creations. The Codes expire August 11, 2007

    Kozy Kid Creations website

    All Napmats and Backpacks are made in the USA not China. So that's why these prices are a bit higher. The other Nap Sak company we did a coop with last summer has their products made in China. These are made by other Moms in Houston, Texas USA.

    Kozy Cuddle Bug Napmats:
    * All-in-one Design - Pillow and blanket attached and padding sewn inside
    * They are 55 inches X 24 Inches, larger than most other Napmats
    * 50% cotton/50% polyester and completely machine washable
    * Removable pillow insert for easy washing
    * Easily rolls up with a velcro closure and has a handle for easy carrying.

    Each Napmat has a matching Backpack. Dimensions are 12" high 11" wide. They are toddler backpacks - perfect size for a toddler that will be using the napmats

    Treasure Island
    Space Cadets
    Safari Dreams
    Toil'n Around
    Hunting Dinosaurs
    Frog Chow
    Sweet Chocolate
    Carnival Bloom
    Royal Princess

    All prices include FREE SHIPPING!.

    BBB Price - $59 (Regular Retail $75 - $80)
    Monogramming: $12 for 2 inch Monogram (Optional)

    Napmat sales Code is: BBNAP07

    Napmat with monogram sales Code is: BBNMONO07

    Napmat w/matching Backpack
    BBB Price - $79
    Monogramming Napmat - $12 for 2 inch Monogram (Optional)
    Monogramming Backpack - $8 for 1 inch Monogram (Optional)

    Napmat and Backpack Combo sales code is - BBCOMBO07 (There is a combination already set up
    as an individual item that is where it would need to be purchased to make
    the code work - you will see it with a star instead of the actual picture)

    Napmat and Backpack Combo with monogram on both sales code is- BBCMONO07

    BBB Price - $20 (Regular Retail $28) - sales code BBBACK07
    Monogramming - $8 for 1 inch Monogram (Optional) - BBBMONO07

    ***Texas Residents will have an 8.25% sales tax

    Note: All items will be shipped to you directly from the Company.

    I'll post pics of each pattern below.


    There are 9 patterns in both Boy and Girl Material to choose from.

    Carnival Bloom Backpack

    Carnival Bloom Napmat

    Frog Chow Backpack

    Frog Chow Napmat

    Hunting Dinosaurs Backpack

    Hunting Dinosaurs Napmat

    Royal Princess Backpack

    Royal Princess Napmat

    Safari Dreams Napmat

    Safari Dreams Backpack

    Space Cadets Napmat

    Space Cadet Backpack

    Sweet Chocolate Backpack

    Sweet Chocolate Napmat

    Toil'n Around Napmat

    Toil'n Around Backpack

    Treasure Island Backpack

    Treasure Island Napmat

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    Default RE: Kozy Kid Creations NapMats

    You can now order directly from Kozy Kid Creations!

    There is a code above.


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    Default RE: Kozy Kid Creations NapMats

    nancy, my (err, sam's :)) treasure island backpack and mat arrived today. they're beautiful! thanks for arranging this - you're one cool mama.

    Sam 5/19/05 How lucky I am that you chose me.

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