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    Default ISO Best Stuffed Turkey Breast/Roulade recipe?

    Normally we're the ones buying a 26 lb turkey, an 8 lb spiral ham accompanied by 6-8 huge side dishes to feed an army of 12 including left overs for holiday dinners. But this Thanksgiving it's just DH and I plus my mom and step dad (so, 4). We've never had to downsize like this, so help me out. Anyone ever do a rolled turkey breast stuffed with something and baked? I was inspired by Rachel Ray's show where she stuffed a skin-on turkey breast with dried fruit, but frankly the thought of dried fruit makes me ill (except for cranberries). I went searching online, but it'd be nice to have some real feedback or tried and true recipes.

    Also, anyone brave enough to start talking about Thanksgiving side dishes? I'm in planning mode since it's going to be a busy holiday baking/entertaining year w/ family coming from as close as Phoenix (IL's) and Las Vegas all the way to Japan (big bro) all throughout the season.

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    Default RE: ISO Best Stuffed Turkey Breast/Roulade recipe?

    Have you thought about brining a turkey breast? That's what we do every year.

    For side dishes, I'm very traditional. I want basically the same side dishes every year. Here's what we have:
    Mashed potatoes and gravy
    Green pepper casserole (lots of green peppers & cheddar cheese)
    Cornbread dressing (sometimes we form this into balls and bake)
    Cranberry salad (fresh cranberries, grapes, apples, pineapple, & pecans)
    Green bean casserole
    Five cup salad
    Sweet potatoes (with my grandmother's special ingredient: bourbon)

    Hmmm. I think that's all. And from that list you'd never know that there are only five adults at Thanksgiving dinner!

    One suggestion for your meal - ask everyone what one dish needs to be on the table to make it Thanksgiving for them. When DH joined the family, green bean casserole joined our T-giving table.
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