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    Default How long does it take your 3.5-4 yo to get ready in the morning?

    We've been working on encouraging my 3.5 yo daughter to be more independent, realizing she could be doing more for herself. She was originally very excited about doing everything in the morning - taking off her pajamas, putting on her clothes, using the potty, and washing her hands. I would brush teeth and help as needed along the way. Now, however, I find it takes what seems like an eternity for her to do these things. For a while it worked better if I left the room but now she's dawdling so that it takes us 35-45 minutes just to get downstairs. Is that unreasonable? It's driving me nuts :) especially with managing my 4 month old's schedule as well, and it leads to some really hectic mornings trying to get out of the house.

    How long does it take your kids this age? Any moms of dawdlers out there and things that worked to move them along - without turning into a drill sergeant?


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    Default RE: How long does it take your 3.5-4 yo to get ready in the morning?

    It takes me anywhere from half an hour to 45 minutes, occasionally an hour, to get out the door with DS from the moment he wakes up. I also need time to dress so this time is not entirely devoted to DS' routine.

    DS gets up, goes to the bathroom to pee right away and helps himself to a banana, which I have to peel. He'd eat a bit of cereal and drink some milk, if I pour it for him but we do not have breakfast at home every morning, just on days that we are running late and know that he'd miss breakfast in preschool. I do not expect DS to take he's PJs off or dress himself, I know it would take forever and we do not have this time. Unlike you, I do not have another child to take care of so this approach works for us.
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    same here. i usually get up early and get myself ready first. (we pick school clothes the night before.) then i get dd out of bed, walk her straight to the bathroom and dress her on the toilet. we get the teeth and hair brushed and on our way to breakfast. at this point it's taken about 20 minutes. if dd did it alone, it would be 40 mins as she has a sensory disorder and gets easily distracted. breakfast is painful as she's a sloooow eater and likes to sing, wander around, talk her head off. another 20 minutes. we're luck if we get out of the house within the hours. it's maddening. lol. i usually get to work before 8am, with her it's 9am.
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