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    Default "Green" Cleaning Products

    I see a couple of posts about green or non-toxic cleaning products (don't know if they are the same). I have been on a mission to use only these products but have limited knowledge on this topic and have not found any that work for some areas. Here is my feedback on what I have tried so far. Please post information or experience you have with non-toxic cleaning products.

    Method products (I got at Target): I use & like the dish soap. I use the floor cleaner & wood floor cleaner. The handle on the mop that comes with it has broken twice. The floor cleaners do have an odor. They seem to clean well, but I do not like that it is just a squirt bottle. Seems inefficient and we go through it pretty quickly. I do like that the mops have microfiber cloths that can be washed & reused. The stainless steel wipes do not work- leave lots of streaks.

    Seventh Generation: I use the toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner & all-purpose cleaner. They all seem to clean pretty well (but not the same as Tilex!) The Seventh Generation dishwasher detergent did not work at all for me.

    I am looking for: Soft Scrub replacement, dishwasher detergent, Pledge replacement

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    A couple other product are Shaklee and Ecover.

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    I'm using all Melaleuca products now. Most come in concentrates so there's less plastic to deal with. Even the ones that don't come in concentrates come in refill bottles so you're not tossing sprayers and such away.

    My favorites?

    1. the Tub&Tile: we have really hard water and it just cleans the hard water/soap scum off so easily.

    2. The window/glass cleaner: smells so nice, though not a heavy scent. cleans amazingly well without leaving streaks. (It also doubles as a JetDry replacement.)

    3. The laundry line- especially the stain treater (Pre-Spot). AMAZING. It got out a tomato based stain that was over two months old and had already washed AND dried.

    4. The dishwasher detergent - does a fantastic job, and you only fill the reservoir 25%!

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    Default Melaleuca

    I wasn't too impressed with the laundry detergent, but I love the MelaBrite. It works so much better than OxiClean!

    I also love the PreSpot - it smells and looks just like Folex (purple hue). I wonder if it's chemically identical. Works just as well.

    Sol-U-Mel is great & so is the Tough & Tender - I really feel like I'm sanitizing everything in a very safe way.

    I haven't tried the autodishwasher detergent yet, but I love the LemonBrite liquid soap. I feel like it takes more to drop the grease, but still it's better than the 7th Generation stuff.

    I just wish that Melaleuca would be more open about their ingredients instead of just "proprietary blend..." That's my only reservation about that company that I feel makes them a little shady.

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    Loved their dishwasher detergent "pillows" when Target carried them, but now I can't find them anymore. But they work as well as the Cascade packs.
    Liquid dish soap: not so much...
    Glass Cleaner: streaky.
    Bathroom cleaner(s) and All Purpose Spray: Work great!
    Good For Wood spray: Use in place of Pledge for dusting. Love that stuff!

    Tried and really enjoyed the following products:
    All Temperature Laundry Detergent
    Powdered Dishwasher Detergent
    Bac-Out stain and odor spray
    Soy Toilet Scrub (did you know that toilet bowl cleaner is the most toxic thing in your home besides bleach and drain cleaner? If a child were to ingest this, it could completely eat away his trachea...UGH. Or go blind if it were to get into their eyes. I don't even keep those 3 products mentioned in my home. It's just too scary and dangerous.

    7th Generation:
    Both the All Purpose Spray and Glass Cleaner work super.
    Liquid dish soap: not powerful enough.

    Shaklee: Things I've Tried so Far and Like-
    Laundry detergent (both scented and unscented)
    Liquid fabric softener
    Dryer sheets are okay (clothes are soft, yet full of static).
    Dish washer powder detergent
    Liquid dish soap

    LOVE their liquid fabric softener (smells like Downy, but it's all natural!)
    Dish washer tablets
    "Soft Scrub" type product, forget the name. Scrubs well, but doesn't bleach stains. I use it in my kitchen sink.
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    Vinegar, biodegradable dish soap, baking soda, club soda (for glass). Cheaper and better than $4 bottles of various solutions packaged in lots of plastic. We have ecover for dishwasher detergent and we have 7th generation and Charlies for laundry soap.
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    Default Method cleaners

    I am also in search of green cleaners to use around our home. I like to use vinegar, but my DH draws the line when I clean the bathroom with it - he HATES the smell! So, I'm always looking for good shower cleaners. I will have to look for some of the ones suggested.

    The only thing I wanted to add to this thread is regarding the Method cleaners. If you are truly aspiring for a green household, you should look to other brands. A lot of it is really clever packaging and marketing - in a lot of their products (I can't say 100% because I just don't know), if you look at the ingredients, you will find synthetic fragrances and FD&C colors. If a company is trying to create *green* cleaners, why would they put these additives in their products? The answer is consumer demand - people want their cleaning products to smell a certain way - and their package design is certainly appealing as well. The products are certainly better than the average cleaners you find in the supermarket, but there are better ones out there still - ones that don't have these synthetic additives. I remember looking at some hand soap at a friend's house and not liking what I read (I always look for certain things like dyes, fragrances, parabens... and I can't remember specifically what it was I didn't like).

    Just my 2 cents - in my life pre-kids, I was a polymer chemist, so I read lots of ingredient labels and it's downright scary!!! So many things are toxic in the lab and then you see them in cosmetics or cleaners - yikes!

    For a "soft scrub" replacement, I just save the mesh bags onions come in and kind of scrunch them up (I use an old hair elastic, but that's probably tmi!) and use my regular soap.

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    back to where we started


    Quote Originally Posted by kijip
    Vinegar, biodegradable dish soap, baking soda, club soda (for glass). Cheaper and better than $4 bottles of various solutions packaged in lots of plastic. We have ecover for dishwasher detergent and we have 7th generation and Charlies for laundry soap.

    Ditto that. Personally, I think a lot of green products aren't always all that "green" in the first place. Green is the new buzzword, and how *truly* green a lot of those cleaners are is debatable.

    Baking soda, vinegar, castille soap, essential oils, club soda, and Bon Ami (kind of like eco-friendly Comet...ridiculously cheap) take care of most of our needs. Ecover dish washing tablets work great (even got a very good review in Consumer Reports). We use Charlie's for laundry.

    I also consider some of the packaging of all of those "green" products to be not-so-environmentally friendly. At least if you are making your own, you don't need 100 different products so there are fewer containers (and things like castille soap can be diluted a LOT and be very effective).

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    I second the shaklee products. I love there cleaning products and use them all around my house. I don't even have any of the old toxic ones. So far we have been healthy too, knock on wood. I was worried that when we took away the disinfectant cleaners I was afraid we might get sicker. I will say that I love their laundry detergent and I don't weeze anymore when I fold laundry or get into new sheets that were washed in the tide we were using. So worth the money.


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    I use castille soap from Trader Joe's (very cheap) mixed with water filled in an old Seventh Generation cleaner bottle for just about all my normal cleaning. Vinegar rocks for windows and glass!

    I used to like the Method bathroom cleaner wipes but I am really trying to minimize disposable products like that. Like other posters have said, take a look at the packaging of the products. Do you really need another bottle of something?


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