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    Default Keyfit30 Colors?

    What Keyfit 30 color have you seen in person (or purchased)?
    What do they genuinely look like?
    Are there any other colors coming out soon?

    Maybe my monitor settings are off because (to me) the Poetic looked gray-blue-yellow on both Chicco's and Target's sites. The Cortina Poetic set was just delivered today and those gray-blues were actually 2 shades of green. How odd!
    Now I'm thinking I would prefer the Adventure...hmmm...

    I really like Discovery or Sahara but they are regular Keyfits. Seems silly to not go ahead and get the bigger height/weight restriction.

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    Default Keyfit Adventure

    I just got my Keyfit 30 Adventure today (ordered from Albee Baby) and I love the colors. The colors are darker then the pictures but a shade lighter then the little three color swatch that is shown. DH was not keen on the red and we saw the orange at BRU and it wasn't our favorite. Definately happy we went with the Adventure!!

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