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    Default Help with carseat configuration

    I'm planning to buy a new Britax during the sale, and need to figure out which seat to buy. My kids are: DS: almost 3 but really small (29 pounds in a Roundabout and not nearing the top of the seat yet) and DD: 3 months (9 pounds) (she'll stay in her snugride for a while of course!)

    I'm planning to purchase a seat with side impact (although my car does have side curtain airbags), but need to decide which child to put in that seat. I know that the child in the outboard position should get the side impact seat, but is the driver side the safer outboard seat or the passenger side? Also, is the older child better in outboard or doesn't it matter?

    My other consideration is preschool dropoff for next fall - the teachers get the child out of the passenger side. So my older child should be either in the middle or the passenger outboard to facilitate this.

    Sorry for all the questions! (Also, I'm not opposed to buying a seat for my daughter now, even if it means I have to replace the Roundabout with something with a higher weight limit in a year or two for my son - we may have #3 by then and still have a year or so before the Roundabout expires?)

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    Is your DS RF or FF? Can you fit two seats side by side in your vehicle or will they need to both go outboard?

    Who to put in which seat depends on a lot of factors. Post back and we'll help you figure out the best configuration.

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