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    Question Safeseat installation question

    We installed 2 Safeseats in our Honda Odyssey tonight. We ended up doing one with the seat belt & one with LATCH due to location logistics. Both are about the same in terms of a tight installation. I've never used an infant car seat before... I'm surprised that it moves forward toward the back of the seat. Is this really supposed to happen? If you rock it from side to side, it's very tight. If you rock it towards the front of the car (thus backwards for the baby), it's tight. But you can tip it slightly towards the back of the seat in which it's installed (thus forwards for the baby). It seems to make sense, based on the one installation point at the base of the seat of the car. It would need a tether to hold it rock solid. But could this really be right????? The manual seems to imply that it is, because it said to just make sure you can't move it from side to side or tip it towards the front of the car. It makes no mention of being able to tip it towards the rear of the car.


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    I think so. As I understand it, the back of the seat provides extra protection -- that is part of the reason that babies are supposed to ride RFing.
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    That movement towards the back of the seat is completely normal in an untethered RF seat. It's called cocooning. For a newborn especially, it is beneficial as the movement of the seat absorbs crash energy and protects the child from projectiles. As you read, you just want to check for movement at the belt path of the base or seat. If you have less than 1" of movement there, your install is tight enough.

    For older children, RF in an untethered seat remains very safe. There's some evidence that RF tethering may be beneficial for them, though.

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