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    Smile So should I be considering the Nautilus or just get the Regent

    So I have a very tall dd, who just turned 4 and is almost 46"/ 48 lbs. I was planning on getting the Regent since it seems to be the seat w/ the highest harness height(20 inches) and 5 pt harness. We went to bru today and put her in it and seems like a great fit. However, I was just reading through some of the posts from today and saw a few people talking about the Nautilus. Wondering what is its harness height and height limit. Also dd grew 8 inches last year, so if she were to repeat this the Regent or Nautilus won't last that long, but since the Nautilus is cheaper and instock at the Walmart 5 min from my house, maybe I should go that route. Any help or suggestions would be wonderful.

    Wanting to also mention that I also have a ds who is badly in need of a new seat. I am considering getting a MA for him, but is there another seat I should consider(Radian65 ??) or w/ the sale does it just make sense to got w/ the MA?

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    I just was considering the same question and went and checked out both (with measuring tape) yesterday - what I found is in the thread:

    Booster confustion/Advice needed/Very big/tall toddler

    Good luck.

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    I don't know enough about the Nautilus to comment. We have Regents and love them. Our DD is 4.5 yo, 40 lbs and 42 inches tall.

    Here is some interesting info on how the average child grows.. height and weight:

    Your child should gain about 5 1/2 to 7 pounds each year. Girls have a growth spurt between ages 9 and 10 and boys usually catch up by age 13 or 14.

    Your child should grow in height about 2 to 2 inches each year. Your child's long bones (the ones in his legs and arms) slowly get longer.

    Site quoted from:

    A couple other good sites:

    Those links above have some really good growth charts...
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