I think it's with clothes and shoes - how he would ride in the car seat in the car.

Oh, the Australia issue messes things up too. I know the ridersafe vest passes here and in theory that should be fine for Australia - but it doesn't look like a car seat, so I wonder what the cops would say if you got pulled over. If you have the documentation that it is an approved USA child restraint, and as you're only visiting you can use it.

And you have to decide if you're just looking for a seat at your destination or if you want him restrained on the plane as well. Some of the options can't be used on the plane eg. Ridersafe vest, Safeguard Go, Apex. They would be great car options, but only if you're Ok with seatbelt on the plane.

My concern with the Como on the plane is that it's just so big with those head wings, I don't know how it will fit. We use an Uptown about the size of the scenera and DS's little legs are already jammed too close to the seat in front.

For us, for Australia trips once DS outgrows the Uptown, and by then will be old enough I'm OK with him using the plane's seatbelt, I'm thinking the Safeguard Go. I like that it can go in our carry-on and be unfolded. Another option I've considered is finding a good seat with lots of growth room and leaving it at my parent's house. EG. the nautilus for under $100, might be worth it for one extremely long haul trip a year.

I hope you can work something out,