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    Default Recs for a carseat bag that best complements the gogo kidz?

    I'm pretty sure we're going to get a gogo kidz for travel with the carseat. But, it seems like it would be useful as well to have a carseat bag, for gate checking and/or regular checking for those times we decide to bring a stroller as well.

    Anyone have a bag they like? I'm thinking it would be most versatile if it had wheels and a backpack option, but I've only seen a few that have that.

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone knew of a bag that they thought complemented the gogo kidz functionality well to give you the most travel options depending on how you decide to travel.

    For instance, if we weren't travelling with a stroller, then we only need the gogokidz.

    If we're travelling with a stroller and decide to check the carseat (& gate check stroller), then we'd need a bag for the carseat to be checked, and it would be nice if the bag had wheels/backpack (I'm assuming we wouldn't bring the gogo kidz in this situation).

    If gate checking the carseat, we'd want to put it in a bag at the gate.

    Hmm, am I overthinking this much? :-)

    Anyway, in case anyone else has thought this through or just wants to recommend a carseat bag, I'd really appreciate it!

    Anyone used this one?

    Or, does anyone have the gogokidz bag? I wish they'd made this one with backpack straps, but otherwise it looks like it might be good.

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    I used that one a lot, it only ripped a bit when a friend dragged it through the parking garage (she didn't see the wheels-duh!). It fit my MA with room for coats and blankets. It's a good bag!

    As to you delimma- I guess I'll let someone else make suggestions for you-I can't imagine never bringing a stroller and I thought the purpose of the gogo was to bring your seat on board so I guess I wouldn't know why'd you'd need to check the seat...but it's early for me and I haven't had breakfast yet!

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    I still bring my stroller. Put carseat on top with base part balancing on stroller tray.. put bags in basket and hang whatever from handle and put daughter in seat and away we go. Then I gate check stroller. I always take my carseat on airplane..

    Yes the gogo kids you can attach the carseat, and wheel through the airport and wheel it right on the plane ...

    Here is a quote directly from the gogokidz website:

    4. Your car seat will not fit down the aisle of the airplane. If you will be using your car seat on the airplane, take your child out of the seat just prior to boarding. Wheel your car seat onto the plane and put the handle in the lowest position so at the last minute, you can pick up your car seat by the gogo Kidz handle to carry down the aisle of the plane.


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