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    Default Are Recaro's Young Sports any good?


    I see a lot of mentions of Britax Regents and Graco Nautilus, but not about the Recaro Young Sport. Is there something wrong with that car seat?

    Per their web site it is very safe (but I am sure all manufactures swear by their product

    I have a 3 year old that is about 33 lb.



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    It is a good seat, but the harness can only be used to 40 lbs. For the money, it doesn't harness as long as other options. My tiny 4.5 yo would probably have done well with it, but most kids will outgrow the harness sooner than they shoud be in a booster.
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    (Posted with o_mom! Sorry for redundancy.)

    Their biggest drawback is that they only harness to 40 lbs. So, they'd be nice for a stringbean 5 year old, not so nice for a heavy three year old because the harness will likely be outgrown at too young of an age.

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    You're right--there's not much talk on here about the Recaro! When my ds outgrew his RA, I just didn't want to buy another Britax. I really do think they are the best seats out there, easy to install, etc but I was really concerned that he wouldn't get all the use out of it as we would want a booster by 5 or so and we don't have another child to hand a seat (like a Marathon) down to.

    I ended up with the Recaro Young Sport and while I don't love it as much as my Roudabout, I do like it. My ds is 3 yrs 4 months and hovering around 31-32 lbs. He is a slow weight-gainer and a thin little guy. We still have lots of room by height, and I'm just counting on the fact that he won't go over 40 lbs any time soon. (I mean, he's only gained a couple of pounds in two years!) For us, I think it was a good choice. It's a very cushy seat and will make a great booster.

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    THE RECARO COMO IS A 5 Point harness and it goes to 70 lbs...

    My DH and I both have Regents in our cars. But I have heard lots of good things about Nautilus and Recaro. ALSO lots of good things about the Radian and the Safeguard. So you do have some options. I have been researching seats because I want to get a new seat for traveling with.

    Here is a thread from

    Talks about Recaro Como.. it says can go to 59 inches tall?

    Here is another good review on it:
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