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    Default Jon & Kate plus 8 go on a plane!

    Last night they were traveling to Park City (love the Canyons resort they went to), had to say I can't imagine the packing and planning that went into that trip..and the concern when they were rerouted to Idaho briefly...obviously there was no way to bring carseats on the plane for all 6 kids but I noticed when their 15 passenger van pulled up the carseats were already installed and they looked remotely like their old Comfort Sport seats (they now have the Radians at home)- maybe having your own TV show has it's advantages like having carseats installed already...although it would have been fun if they had pulled up to a car rental agency and found gross disgusting seats (Kate would have freaked) like the lady in San Diego did and to watch Jon install all 6 car seats with Kate hovering and commenting (I do the same to my DH)- How they do it I don't know....

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    I was actually wondering if it was the New Graco Nautilus when I saw it. Funny how we notice carseats in TV shows now. DH thinks I am crazy!

    I have to give them credit for being willing to go on vacations with all the kids. It makes me tired just watching it!
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    I also thought they were Graco Nautilus was hard to see though. I thought the head part looked like a GN.

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