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    Default Can anyone tell me about the Cargo?

    I'm in the process of re-evaluating the seats for my kiddos. See my other post for current conditions:
    Since I think DS (almost 3, 35 lb, 38 in) has outgrown comfortsport in DH's car, I was considering the Nautilus (although I wish there was a tan one!). I mentioned that we were getting new seats to a friend and she offered their Graco Cargo which they were going to get rid of. It is dated 10-11-03, and model # 8489. I can find the manual on graco's site and I'm certain it hasn't been involved in an accident. Would you go ahead and use it or just forget it and get the Nautilus? (One of those cases where I want to do what is right for my kid, but also appreciative of a nice gesture and don't want to hurt feelings. Fortunately, money is not a huge issue, so I won't use it just to save the pennies, I want to be sure it's a good one.) It would be used for him only a couple times a week.
    Also, still struggling to decide on a booster for DD since I can't find any to see in person. B510, Parkway, or Monarch for primary car? Recommendations??? At least pros and cons of each???

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    The cargo is a good harnessed seat - just make sure it's one with a front adjuster. That model number brings up the "platinum" in google, so I think you are OK.

    Given that your child is 35 lbs, it won't last as long as the Nautilus, but for free that is fine. If you were buying it, it would be better to put the $80 toward a Nautilus, IMO. It will only have about 20 months before it expires, so keep that in mind, but again, for free, that's OK and he will likely be close to 40 lbs by then. I think it would be a great stop-gap measure for your DS and then you can find the next greatest seat when that expires.
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