I have twin girls who will be three in two weeks.

They have been using the potty for pee since December, and have that just about mastered (although still demanding potty treats which is rather annoying!) except at night (or when sick, which we have been alot this winter!)

We have yet to poop in the potty though. My husband and I even followed a suggestion in a book saying when all else fails, take the child to a toy store, let them look around and admire the toys, and tell them when they poop in the potty, they can come back and pick a new toy out (within reason, obviously!)

Even the bribe didn't work.

We've tried the Once Upon A Potty book and video, Everyone Poops book, the Elmo Potty Time video - nothing. One of my girls says "it's too hard to poop in the potty!" The other one says nothing except "I'll get a new toy when I poop in the potty!"

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Caroline and Leah 5/3/2005

It seems like every other child in our neighborhood around the same age or younger has mastered potty training. I'm feeling quite frustrated!!!