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    Default Can't get kids to poop in the potty

    I have twin girls who will be three in two weeks.

    They have been using the potty for pee since December, and have that just about mastered (although still demanding potty treats which is rather annoying!) except at night (or when sick, which we have been alot this winter!)

    We have yet to poop in the potty though. My husband and I even followed a suggestion in a book saying when all else fails, take the child to a toy store, let them look around and admire the toys, and tell them when they poop in the potty, they can come back and pick a new toy out (within reason, obviously!)

    Even the bribe didn't work.

    We've tried the Once Upon A Potty book and video, Everyone Poops book, the Elmo Potty Time video - nothing. One of my girls says "it's too hard to poop in the potty!" The other one says nothing except "I'll get a new toy when I poop in the potty!"

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Caroline and Leah 5/3/2005

    It seems like every other child in our neighborhood around the same age or younger has mastered potty training. I'm feeling quite frustrated!!!

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    I've heard of some people cutting a hole in the diaper and then sitting them on the potty.

    My DD was really constipated as a baby so getting her to try it was really difficult. The bribery worked for us, though. She loved Care Bears so I bought her one when she would poop in the potty. Now we have about 35 of them, but it was worth it. She was well past 3 so maybe just give them more time.

    Good luck.

    DD1 12/03
    DD2 5/07

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    I'm trying to be patient, but starting to loose it! My girls turned three last week.

    A friend suggested biting the bullet and putting the girls in underwear, and then when they were uncomfortable and wet, they'd get the idea and use the potty. Well, it isn't working, and on top of it, they have having tons of pee accidents (if you can can call them accidents - they are not even trying to use the potty 50% of the time).

    I actually think using Pull Ups for so long created a false sense of security for my girls, and now they think they can pee a tiny bit in their undies and it will be OK.

    I don't think it is a motor skill or control issue - I think it is pure laziness.

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    Are you still having trouble with your girls?
    My daughter, 4 in JANUARY! JUST FINALLY DID IT! I too think the peepee part was mostly laziness....but for the most part she was trained...BUT the POOPING....oh my gosh....she would just refuse! I also realized she needed the potty seat in order to poop. Oh...and privacy! I finally convinced her to try to sit on the potty with the pull-up on and try pooping sitting down....something she had never done...the next day I cut a hole in it.....and after 30 minutes...she pooped! After a few days we kept cutting a bigger hole...until she only had the waistband on.....which we were able to keep after each time....I also made a calendar for her and she put stickers on it after she pooped in the potty each time. Which she enjoyed. After just about 2 weeks, she forgot to put on the 'pullup' and pooped all by's been a LOOOOOOONG road....but it had to be her decision. And she is VERY proud of herself.

    I wish you all the luck in the world! I have a LOT of friends whose children are much younger than Stella that have been trained....but in the end, they have to want to do totally stinks....but let me tell you....I am glad I didn't really push her....she would make herself constipated and everything. She actually is now going twice, sometimes 3 times a day now....which is much better for her physically.....

    Again, good luck.

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    Do you think the sticker chart helped? I think that's what did it for DD. We made one up and her special treat was lunch at Grandma's house. She worked really hard at it, and filled up 2 charts once she understood the reward. Not much else seemed to work before that.

    Now we have a huge stack of books she loves to listen to while doing #2.

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