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    Default Do any of the books cover stranger danger?

    If not, I think it's a potential topic for Toddler 411.
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    Our best resource has actually been a DVD:

    Per Amazon's description:

    Kid safety is an important, yet often difficult topic of discussion between parents and children. The Safe Side's "Safe Side Super-Chick" is a decidedly zany host who successfully combines slapstick humor with serious, practical safety tips for kids. "Safe Side Super-Chick" breaks the population down into three quickly discernable categories: "Safe Side Adults" that kids know well and can always trust to keep them safe, "Don't Knows" like the mail carrier or the lady at the park and "Sorta Knows" like a coach or a schoolmate's parent. As "Safe Side Super-Chick" interacts with "Don't Knows" and "Sorta Knows", she offers seven specific safety tips to keep kids safe and, with the help of real kids, details simple, concrete actions and phrases that empower kids in a variety of potentially dangerous situations. Best of all, the presentation is never scary, but always extremely funny--that means that kids ages 2 to 10 will actually enjoy learning about safety. Kudos to Julie Clark (creator of Baby Einstein) and John Walsh (host of America's Most Wanted) for creating a safety video that's highly entertaining, informative, and practical.

    My children found the DVD entertaining and not scary. After several viewings, the message really gets across. I liked the way that they divide people into 3 classes (safe side adult/kinda know/stranger) as compared to 2 (friend/stranger).

    I have also used the following books:

    Appropriate for baby to preschool:

    Appropriate for older girls 5+:

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