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    Default When Should I Start Buying Stuff

    I am 24.5 weeks pregnant with twins. I have an almost 2 year old ds at home. I just purchased a second safe seat and after much consideration, a Valco double with toddler seat. Even though I already have one child, there is still a lot I need to buy - Double snap n go, snuzzlers, sheets, miracle blankets, new bottles, etc. When should I start buying/ordering stuff? Thanks in advance.

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    You're far enough along that any time should be fine. (24 weeks is effectively the lower limit for viability.)

    I know we're in no rush. I think part of it is that this is #2 (and #3). But since they're bound to show up early, waiting until 30 weeks or later isn't advisable for anything you'll want in the first couple of weeks...
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    If you want to get everthing ready and have plenty of time, I'd aim for prior to 30 weeks. But if you aren't able to get it all accomplished, that's okay too. I purchased my stuff late in the game as I was on bedrest at 31 weeks. I mainly just got the essentials (e.g. extra car seat). some things I didn't know I needed until they arrived so I've done lots of purchasing once they were born...e.g. I didn't know if I'd need one more boppy (had one from DD) and picked one up later. This approach worked fine for me b/c I wanted to wait to see what my babies liked (e.g. it turns out I only needed 1 swing not two). I have spent a lot of time at target getting extra stuff over the last four months. I don't mind as it's a nice way for me to get out of the house by myself.
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    I agree that you should try to wrap it up before 30 weeks, however if they are born significantly early they will probably be in the NICU and give you time to do additional shopping. Mine were born at barely 34 weeks at 4 lbs 4 ozs each and they did fabulous but were still in NICU for 2 weeks. It gave me the chance to get really ready for them at home and to recover from a long delivery/c-section. My problem was that I wanted to bargain shop (consignment sales and yard sales) so I had to do that ahead of time since you can't just go out and find exactly what you want at the drop of a hat.

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    I'm not a mom of multiples, but I would suggest pacing yourself over the next 8 weeks or so and planning to be done by 30 weeks? I think you should consider your storage space and also return policy windows in case you change your mind about some items.

    I think it would be fun/wise to be on the lookout for sales and bargains, make your list and plan to do a little shopping each week, etc. Spreading it out may make it easier cash flow wise too. Have fun!!!
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    I'm 27 weeks now with b-g twins and up until my 25th week, I was in "perfect" health. In fact, I was bragging to everyone how "easy" my pregnancy was! But suddenly, I had contractions and placed in the hospital and am now on strict bed rest. I can only get up to use the bathroom, shower and sit up to eat. And I am really regretting that I didn't start getting things together sooner b/c you never know what to expect! I don't mean to scare you but if you have the time and energy, try to get things done sooner than later. that would be my recommendation best of luck to you!

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    I'd say start now and get it done soon. Just like the PP from VAtwins, I started having contractions with cervical shortening at 24wks and was on bedrest until I delivered at 35wks (could use the bathroom, shower, and sit up to eat, 3wks in the hosp, and 8wks at home). Preterm labor happens to quite a few twin moms. We had only purchased cribs and a changing table, and I had to order everything else online and my wonderful DH got to unpack it all. ;p The Baby Bargains Book was a lifesaver, since I couldn't go out and test baby items myself.

    Edited to say that I agree with PP: we only needed one swing as well, so I would also recommend with the big items like that, get one for now, and another later if need be. Two boppies and two vibrating FP bouncers saved our sanity!

    Congrats in advance!! Twins are the best!
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