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    Default Suggestions for ending finger sucking???

    My oldest DD discovered she could comfort herself by sucking her 2 middle fingers when she was just a few months old. We thought it was great. Fast forward 4 years, and it's not so great. She actually seems to be sucking her fingers more often. It's rather frustrating. We've tried taping her fingers, bandaids, bribery, but nothing seems to discourage her. The dentist has commented on her teeth, so that is a concern. Not to mention all the germs that she is constantly ingesting. Anyone have experience with this? Do we just wait it out?


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    Mavala Stop. Apply daily at first and then every few days. It worked like a charm on my stubborn 4.5 yo dd.
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    Default I am looking for an answer to this one too....

    I've tried Thum, Mavala Stop (which worked for about 2 weeks, then suddenly she didn't mind the taste anymore) and that plastic looking glove that cost $60 and didn't work either. My daughter is almost 4 and just started preschool and it's making her dad and I crazy. We've offered her all kinds of "rewards" if she stops and nothing is working.

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    Default Nailpolish?

    DD sucked her finger from 18mos (!) until she was nearly 4. At that point, she went to a princess theme bday party, where all the girls dressed up and had their nails painted. She picked the color (orange) and LOOOOVED it, thought it was so beautiful. and I told her she could not suck her finger b/c the orange would come off and make her sick.

    Good God, I still can't believe it worked. I haven't had to paint her nails since, except as a big treat for being a flower girl this summer.

    Maybe try to offer to "do" her nails? GOod luck, it's SO frustrating!!

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