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    Default Travel insurance?

    Are you purchasing travel insurance for your Disney trip? I booked our trip in Feb., but was not able to purchase our airfare until June. (We are going in December.) We are flying Allegiant, which is a low-fare carrier, and they only post their flights about 6 months out. Our trip is planned through AAA. The way I understood it, in order to purchase Disney's insurance you have to do it at the time of booking, which I did not do. AAA's insurance provider (Access America) does not provide benefits in the case of the airline going bankrupt or something like that...and current events make me want to be sure that situation would be covered!!

    So, I really want to purchase travel insurance, but I've never purchased it before and am unsure what to do at this point. I want to be sure to purchase it from a reputable company who would cover various reasons. I'm more concerned about airline issues than I am about family sickness or something like that (of course those things can't be predicted either.) Any suggestions?

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    I'd check out this site and speak to them directly and see if there is a company that offers insurance that will cover a bankruptcy etc since it is a smaller carrier.

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    Check I frequently hear it recommended by Clark Howard, the money guy on the radio.

    ETA: Duh! Just realized Tondi said the same thing.

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