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    Default GoodWill and Salvation Army finds

    I have the latest version of Baby Bargains, and I can't believe that you didn't mention looking at GoodWill or Salvation Army for infant clothing! You mention consignment shops, but even they are expensive compared to these two gems.

    I went shopping at our local GoodWill store which has a special sale on the last Saturday of the month - all clothes are 50% off. I was specifically looking for maternity clothes, but came across some adorable and brand-new-looking onesies and outfits for $.25 each! I bought five items of clothing for $1.25. You can't beat that for a bargain. Plus, you're helping people in your local area by patronizing these shops.

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    Amen....salvation army rocks, but we don't have one nearby. The goodwill has lately become way too expensive imo. i know that the prices differ from store to store though. I agree, I have lately adopted the philosophy of yard sales and thrift stores, or clearance rack of good brand names at stores. The financially in between option of consignment shops just doesn't seem as practical to me. The ones we have locally are just too expensive.

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    ITA, and I really like the recycling aspect of using (almost unused) clothes. A mention of this and mom's sales would probably be good.

    While these can be great places to find bargains, I know at least a couple of Goodwill stores that are both expensive (believe it or not) and junky. So it might be a little hard to rate or otherwise assign a quality to such places and/or the clothes you can possibly get there....

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    I totally agree- mom to mom sales, yard sales, thrift shops are all the best deals in town here. Our consignment shops suck for clothes because their prices are generally higher than the sale prices at the stores the clothes came from- $8 for a GAP shirt for example that I bought for $3.99 on clearance! I doubt we will buy more than a couple brand new things for this coming baby. Might as well put the money saved towards the stroller or carseat. Most of the families I know, even if they have a fair bit of income and resources get a lot of used baby clothing. I went to a consignment shop today to browse and they were trying to sell a used target maternity sweater set for $27, used gap maternity jeans for $20-25 and used Kushie diapers (not a great quality brand) for $11 each. Not really appealing selections!
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    It depends on your area. In our area, the clothing at goodwill and salvation army are in horrible shape and not even worth what they are asking. However, you can find great deals on used clothing at garage sales. I like going to goodwill for things like books, toys and sometimes baby gear (scored a combi double for only $30!!!), but not clothes.
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