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    Default Daytime vs Evening Reception?

    I'm considering having a Saturday daytime reception in a golf club or evening reception at a hotel for about 250 guests in Seattle next summer. Both places are nice. Does anyone have any recommendations - daytime vs evening? Or what was your experience like with having or attending a daytime reception?

    Here are some things on our minds about each possibility:

    Daytime Reception: This gorgeous reception site (our ideal site) with panoramic views of the city is all booked for Saturday evenings in the summer and have daytime slots available. This option is much more affordable than having an evening reception. The problem is we can have it from 11am to 3:30pm (everyone has to leave by 4pm) with a one-hour pre-reception, which means the following:
    - having little time for dancing (my guests and us like to dance a lot)
    - encouraging people to leave no later than 4pm
    - having to wake up extra early with a separate church ceremony at around 8:30am or 9am (the church is about 20min away).
    We can have an after-hour/opening-of-the-presents party at my parents' house, but I'm not sure if it can hold 200 guests. Also, my fiancee's family members are coming from across the East Coast, first time in Seattle, and I am unsure if traveling all that way to go to a somewhat short reception would be great. (They did say that they'll be happy with whatever). Yet, this site will make a great Seattle experience for the out-of-towners and residents.

    Evening Reception: Also a nice site. An evening reception is ideally our number one choice with more time to dance and a great way to end the whole event. We don't have to worry about making sure that we're staying on the exact schedule, and picture-taking wouldn't feel so rushed. The out-of-town guests don't have to worry too much about driving around. However, it is also more expensive, but wedding cake and two guests rooms are included.

    I appreciate any suggestions or thoughts. Thank you!

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    I already decided on an evening reception. With the schedule that I'm most comfortable with and minimizing the amount of driving and comfortability for 250 guests (I have lots of family in the area), I figured that an evening reception would be best.

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