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    Default Help with Mulberribush sizing?

    I just received 4 shirts that I ordered from an online boutique. All 4 are Mulberribush and a size 3T. Two of them were made in the USA and are awesome. The other two are an inch bigger, not as soft, and one is missing the tag on the back of the shirt and the other's tag looks lighter and smaller. Is the quality that different? All these shirts are supposed to fit at the same time, but the last two could easily be a 4T. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    We've found that mulberri styles tend to fit different. All shirts of the same style (i.e. layered look, traditional sleeve with cuff, raglan sleeve with no cuff, etc.) will fit the same. Comparing between styles is almost impossible. DS is in 7 for most other brands of shirts, but some styles of mulberri he still fits easily in a 5. I've never noticed a correlation between where the shirts are made, but I've never looked either.

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