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    Default What to Use for Really Really Bad Diaper Rash?

    DD is 2 1/2 years old and had some diarrhea today. Unfortunately, she's developed a really really bad diaper rash. It's gotten so bad that when she pees she starts to cry from the pain. I've been putting desitin on her but it doesn't seem to be alleviating it. She's still having some diarrhea so it might get worse. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    She hates to go bottomless. She insists that I put the diaper on her right away. So going bottomless is not an option.

    Thanks so much in advance.

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    Here's what I've done for really stubborn/painful diaper rash:

    Use a light layer cortizone cream 2-3 times/day (but no longer than for a day or two) covered with a barrier (a thick cream or ointment). The thickest diaper cream I've used is Triple Paste, that stuff is amazing!

    The diaper cream may be stinging, in that case I'd stick to Lansinoh, Aquaphor or vaseline to protect the area. Apply is super thick.

    If it looks kind of pimply it's probably a yeast diaper rash, and want to stay away from any ointment that has cornstarch in it. For a yeast diaper rash Boudreaux's Butt Paste works well, it has an acid mantle in it that helps fight the yeast.

    Some other tips:
    Avoid baths where she sits in any soap or shampoo. Adding some baking soda to the bath may help.

    Do not use any wipes, and do not wipe. Use a squirt bottle (like the one they give you after delivery) to spray the area clean with just water. You can do it with the diaper underneath or with her standing up in the tub. Pat and air dry.

    Make sure the area is completely dry before applying any cream or ointment.

    Change the diapers more often than normal.

    Sunshine and fresh air are good for diaper rashes - if you can have some outside naked time.

    Hope this helps a little and that she's feeling better soon.
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    Excellent advice. I just wanted to stress the "super thick" thing. Someone around here once posted that it should look like frosting on a cake.
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    We've used Aquaphor healing ointment and its been great. We put lots on. I think there is a more advanced formula that what I have.

    Great advice about spraying the area clean, great advice overall lisams!

    Can she eat yogart? Thats been suggested to help stop diarrhea, or probiotics, it was recommended by my phrmasist.

    Good luck and I hope she feels better, DS had an upset stomach yesterday but luckly no diaper rash.


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    Just wanted to 'ditto' Butt Paste, it really worked for us for our kiddo when she was a couple weeks old. We think it was a yeast rash, and it cleared up in a couple of days.

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    Aquaphor, about 1/4" thick, works for DD#2.

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    We've had great success with Triple Paste. Thick is key.

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    DS1 would get terrible diaper rash. The ped recommended a mixture that contained Maalox. We eventually used just plain Maalox and it worked wonders. It was good because we didn't have to rub his raw bottom just pour the Maalox on. Hope you find something that works!

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    My DD had a terrible diaper rash that resulted in about 4 trips to the pediatrician and even a dermatologist. We spent days with her bare-butt and used prescriptions for yeast and bacteria. We tried Triple Paste, Butt Paste... The only thing that worked was using water to clean the area, letting it air dry fully and then using a massive amount of aquaphor. I love aquaphor more than any other diaper ointment or cream.

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    DD had horrible diaper rash for a period. We tried a little of everything. Triple Paste was decent, but we had the best luck with Canus Little Goat's Milk 40% Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream (recommended by a ped friend/mother).

    I tried the Maalox trick and it didn't seem to do anything for DD.

    Also, if she has a find rash that goes up to her tummy, she may have a yeast infection. If so, apply Lotrimin AF (same stuff you could use for athlete's foot) to the area at each diaper change.

    We also used a hair dryer to make sure DD was really dry before putting the diaper back on.
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