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    Default Common Abbreviations

    This is a list of abbreviations in common use on this and other parenting message boards.

    Thanks to Eileen (mudder17) and all the users who contributed to this list! If you have any to add, please post to this thread.


    General Abbreviations:

    AF: Aunt Flo (menstrual period)
    AFAIK: As far as I know
    AP: Attachment Parenting
    BB: Bulletin Board
    BD: Baby Dancing (trying to conceive a baby)
    BF: Breastfeed or Breastfed
    BFd Poop: Breastfed Poop
    BFN: Big Fat Negative (pregnancy test)
    BFP: Big Fat Positive (pregnancy test)
    BIL: Brother In Law
    BLW: Baby Led Weaning
    B&M: Brick & Mortar store (as opposed to online store)
    BM: Bowel Movement or Breast Milk, depending on context
    BM poopies: Breastmilk poopies
    BRU: Babies R Us
    BTDT: Been There, Done That
    BTW: By The Way
    CD: Cloth Diapering
    CIO: Cry It Out
    COF: Circle Of Friends - a sale promotion by Gymboree
    CYE: Check your email
    DC: Dear Child
    DD: Dear Daughter
    DH: Dear Husband
    DP: Dear Partner
    DS: Dear Son
    DTD: Doing The Deed (having sex)
    DW: Dear Wife
    EBF: Extended Breastfeeding (past 1 year), sometimes Exclusively Breastfed
    ETA: Edited to Add
    EUC: Excellent Used Condition
    Family Auction: WAHM auction site
    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
    FIL: Father In Law
    FS: For Sale (not allowed on this board)
    FSOT: For Sale Or Trade (not allowed on this board)
    FTD: First Time Dad
    FTM: First Time Mom
    FWIW: For What It’s Worth
    FYI: For Your Information
    GUC: Good Used Condition
    HB: Honeyboy
    HTH: Hope This Helps
    IIRC: If I Recall Correctly
    IME: In My Experience
    IMO: In My Opinion
    IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
    IMNSHO: In My Not-So-Humble Opinion
    IRL: In Real Life
    IDSO: In Desperate Search Of
    ISO: In Search Of
    ITA: I Totally Agree
    IYKWIM: If You Know What I Mean
    KWIM: Know What I Mean ?
    LLL: La Leche League (international breastfeeding support organization)
    LLL: Little Lounging Lizards diapers
    LO: Little One
    LOL: Laughing Out Loud
    LMAO: Laughing My Arse Off
    MDC: Mothering Dot Commune, another site with message boards- they are affiliated with Mothering magazine, and have an overwhelming number of topics and posters, including a huge CD board.
    NAK: Nursing At Keyboard (one handed typing)
    NATCH: Naturally
    NB: Newborn
    NIB: New In Box/packaging
    NWT: New With Tags
    OMG: Oh, my gosh! or Oh, my G-d!
    OOS: Out Of Stock
    OP: Original poster or Other poster
    OT: Off Topic
    OTOH: On The Other Hand
    PBK: Pottery Barn Kids
    PM: Private Message (an instant message sent through the forum)
    PP: Previous Poster
    PPD: Postage Paid
    P & PT: Prayers & Positive Thoughts
    PT, PL: potty training, potty learning
    ROTFLMAO: Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Arse Off
    ROTFLOL: Rolling On The Floor, Laughing Out Loud
    SAHD: Stay At Home Dad
    SAHM: Stay At Home Mom
    SIL: Sister In Law
    SO: Significant Other
    S/O: Spin Off
    SWAP: a yahoo group (there are several) where people buy, sell and swap new and used goods- on this board, "SWAP" usually refers to one of the SWAP groups that trades cloth diapers and other baby related stuff. Two popular ones are Diaperswap and BBBSwap.
    TBW: - another message board for slings, pouches, etc.
    TCS: Taking Children Seriously
    TIA: Thanks in Advance
    TRU: Toys R Us
    TTFN: Ta Ta For Now
    TTYL: Talk To You Later
    WAHD: Work At Home Dad
    WAHM: Work At Home Mom
    WOHM: Work Out Of The Home Mom
    XPOST: cross-post (a thread posted in multiple forums)
    YMMV: Your mileage (experience) may vary


    Diapering-Related Abbreviations:

    AIO: All In One Diaper (a diaper and cover in one)
    Aplix: Hook and Loop closure, like velcro
    BB: Baby Blanket Diaper (use the context)
    Born To Love: Diaper website with extensive listing of diaper WAHMs
    Bumkins: Mass manuf. brand name for diapers
    Bumpy: Imse Vimse Bumpy, brand of diaper cover
    Bummis: Mass manuf. brand name
    Bummis SWW or SWIW: Bummis Super Whisper Wrap or Super Industrial Whisper Wrap (same thing)
    CB: Cuddlebuns, fitted diapers sewn by different people
    CD: Cloth Diapering
    CPF: Chinese Prefolds
    Crat: Aristocrat wool diaper cover
    Diaper Duck: tool to help you dunk & wring dipes without touching dipe.
    Diaper Garden: Limited Edition Fuzbaby Diaper and Cover sets.
    Dry pail: A method of storing soiled diapers for laundering
    DSQ: Diaper Service Quality. High quality Prefolds.
    EC: Elimination Communication
    Elbees = El Bee Baby diapers
    FB: Fuzzi Bunz, pocket diaper (some people spell it Fuzzibunz)
    FF: FireFly Diaper (made by Lori of Fuzbaby)
    FF ST:Firefly Sleeptight - their overnight version
    FFDU: Funky Fibers Down Under (Wool Soakers from Flicker-n-Suds)
    FFWW: Funky Fiber Warm Woolies (Soaker Pants at Flicker-n-Suds)
    Fitteds: Formed diapers that require a cover.
    FLAG: Fits-Like-A-Glove diapers from Righteous Baby
    Flatfold: “Old Fashioned” dipe. Usually one layer without panels.
    Fluffy mail: Diaper Mail
    FMBG: Full Moon Baby Gear
    Fuz: Diapers made by Fuzbaby company
    HH: Happy Heiny's aplix closure pocket diaper
    Hyenas: One with an insatiable craving for cute, but hard to obtain, dipes. Contagious condition that overtakes CDing folks gradually until the call of the perfect dipe is overwhelming.
    JB: Joey Bunz, hemp soakers/liners
    KL: Kissaluvs Diapers
    LD: Luke’s Drawers, diaper company
    LHC: Lucy's Hope Chest (another "brand" of diaper- a WAHM's website- most types of CDs we talk about are various "brands" like this)
    LJ: Liza Jane, both a type of insert and the mom who makes them (she posts on these boards as well)
    LL: Little Lamb's, diaper company
    MIL: Mother In Law
    ME: Mother-ease
    ME OS: Mother-ease one size dipe
    ME Sandies: Mother-ease two size dipe
    MM: Maiden Mills - polar fleece company
    MOE: Mother of Eden - maker of Fuzzi Bunz
    NN: Nighty Newt, a type of diaper made by LLL diapers
    OSDS: One Stop Diaper Shop
    PF: Prefold -- Rectangular diaper sewn in panels with center panel being 6 to 8 ply and outer panels being 2 or 4 ply. Comes in preemie, infant, regular, premium, and toddler sizes
    IPF: Indian Prefold (PFs made with Indian cotton) or Infant
    PF (a size)
    EPF: European PF
    CPF: Chinese PF (the most often used, I think)
    UBPF: Unbleached PF (PFs made with unbleached cotton)- so
    UBCPF is an unbleached chinese Prefold. . . you get the idea
    PT: petite toddler, a FB size
    PRR: Painting Red Rhinos (a children's clothing manufacturer that also sells their fabrics - popular amid diaper making WAHMs.
    ProRap: A diaper cover, (some people spell prowrap). Phone number to get seconds: ProServices (800)397-8594
    PUL: Polyurethane Laminate. Breathable or Non-Breathable fabric used as a waterproofing layer in AIOs and diaper covers.
    RB: Righteous Baby Diapers
    SMJAE:Sewing Mom Just Accessories
    Snappi:Three-Legged plastic piece used to secure prefold and flatfold dipes
    Soaker: 1.) a knitted wool diaper pull-on cover (old-fashioned name) or 2.) an additional layer that can be added to increase absorbancy to a diaper, also called a doubler.
    SOS: Susie One Size, Christensen's Creations diaper co.
    SP: Sugar Peas diapers
    Sportwash / Sensi-clean: Same product, different packaging. Dipe laundry additive.
    sposies or dispies: disposable diapers
    SWW: Super Whisper Wrap, a type of Bummis cover
    SWP: Super Whisper Print, a type of Bummis cover
    TDD: The Daily Diaper (WAHM listings)
    TDH: - cloth diapering resource site
    TTO: Tea Tree Oil, Essential Oil often added to wipe solution or to launder dipes.
    UBCPF: Unbleached Chinese Prefolds
    VB: Very Baby Diapers (made by Righteous Diapers, I think)
    Wet Pail: A method of storing soiled diapers for laundering.
    Wicking: The movement of liquid through fabric. With covers and AIOs, wicking refers to the movement of liquid from the inside of the diaper to the outside, resulting in wet clothing. With pocket diapers or fleece lined soakers, wicking refers to the movement of liquid through the micro fleece or suede cloth to the absobent layer of the diaper, resulting in a stay dry feeling next to baby's skin.
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