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    my 7 yr old ds is enjoying the author Dan Gutman
    he's flying through the 'weird school' series (my weird school series, my weirder school, my weird school daze)

    Over the past year, I've read aloud, at night, to my ds1 (entering 5th grade) The Little House books. We made it through the series, then a biography by William Anderson & now On the Way Home, a collection of her postcards/notes she (LIW) wrote as she traveled as an adult...

    ds1 loves the N.E.R.D.S. books by Buckley,who is the same author, mentioned above, who wrote the Fairy Tale Detectives. I'm *trying* to get him to read them but....he's not interested.

    ds2 is now reading The Happy Hollisters (I wound up buying the whole series for ds1)
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    ds2 7/06
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    The Jack Stalwart series. Great for read aloud to the 5-7 age group or reading alone for the 6-9 group.

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    a picture book we got from the library this week and I love as does DD (5).

    DS (7) is loving the bad kitty books, and Chester books by Melanie Watt
    Margaret and
    (DS 2/06) and (DD 3/08)

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    We checked this book out at the library 6 weeks ago and it is still a nightly read here. We finally ordered our own copy. My boys both love it!
    for Carmen

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    DD is 3.5; current faves are:

    There's a Monster at the End of This Book! (Sesame Street/Little Golden Books)
    Chu's Day (Neil Gaiman; pictures by Adam Rex)
    Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain: A Nandi Tale (retold by Verna Ardema; pictures by Beatriz Vidal)
    The Magic Schoolbus at the Waterworks (Joanna Cole)
    How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? (Jane Yolen)
    How Do Dinosaurs Make Cookies? (Jane Yolen)

    For Halloween, she's currently into these:

    Where is Baby's Pumpkin? (Karen Katz)
    Runaway Mummy (Michael Rex - parody of Runaway Bunny)
    Goodnight Goon (Michael Rex)

    At school, they read The Giving Tree, about which I am fairly lukewarm. (It was a book I read first when I was a teenager and we used it on a religious retreat weekend as an example of G-d's unconditional love for His people. I liked that use; I don't feel great about them using it at school.)
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