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    Unhappy Doesn't eat anything

    My DS doesn't eat everything. he is 13 months old. He used to eat everything through 6months to 12 months. From last month he is only eating sweet things like brownie, bread with Jam, cake, sweet biscuits.
    He still drinks 3 bottles of milk in a day with each bottle of 6oz. Also he needs the bottle while sleeping. He doesn't need milk but he has a habit to suck the nipple of bottle while sleeping.
    Another thing, because of low appetite now a days his potty schedule is disturbed.
    Please help me , what should I do?

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    Toddlers can be picky. And for many they really do slow down with their eating around the 12m mark. However, they will not let themselves starve. The best thing to do is maximize mealtime with as much healthy stuff as you can. Like instead of white pasta get some of that pasta that is whole wheat and fortified with omega 3s. You can also try and do some of those sneaky tips like adding veggie purees to food (liked pureed squash into mac and cheese). Also, consider something like sun nut butter instead of (or in addition to) jam on (whole grain) bread for an extra bit of protein. Just try and load up the food he does eat with extra healthy calories.

    Here are 2 of my favorite picky toddler feeding links. They have lots of good suggestions in them as well as explanations for their behavior.
    Feeding the Picky Eater -17 tips:

    How much do toddlers really need?:

    The whole Earth's Best Baby todldler nutrition site is good actually:
    Watch for the bottle at bedtime since it could cause dental problems (decay and cavities). No fun. You could try a sippy cup instead of the bottle though I am not 100% sure it is much better.

    You are in control of what he is offered but not what he eats. If you present brownies odds are that's what he'll eat because they taste good. But, he can get back his love of healthy food with a nudge. remember, studies say that it can take 17 exposures to a food for it to be accepted so don't rule something out if he turns his nose up at it the first, 2nd, 3rd...time. Keep offering.


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