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    thanks for the great input. I never would have thought of a pool noodle! I'm sure she'll probably be fine but I a little something will help reassure me so that I can sleep. I did get some egg crate to roll out at night at the foot of her bed where it is just wood floor. I always wondered if kids ever fall out that way.

    The quality of the bed looks good. It's very pretty. I'll post an update in the future on my thoughts of the bed as she uses it more.


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    With DS, we placed his boxspring/mattress on the floor for a month to let him get used to it then boxed him in with pillows after the bed rail did not work.

    With DD1, we placed the mattress from her crib under her bed and pulled it out at night to protect her from falling on the hardwoods. We also boxed her in w/ pillows. I plan to try the pool noodle trick w/ DD2.

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