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    Default Pikkolo vs Ergo??

    I'm debating between the Ergo and the Pikkolo. I tried the Ergo and liked it, but the Pikkolo has the option of front forward facing which the Ergo doesn't. Unfortunately I don't know any place where I can try it on.

    Please share your pros and cons between the 2.


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    If you go to, you can look for baby wearing moms in your area and join a local group--there might be a mom in your area who owns a pikkolo for you to try on.

    From what I've heard, the forward facing position can be sensory overload for young babies b/c they can't turn their head away. I think I read that the forward facing position throws off the parent's center of gravity, causing strain, and misaligns the baby's hips...not sure though.

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    I have the Pikkolo and love it... my friends who have both Pikkolo and Ergo seem to prefer the Pikkolo over the Ergo. That said, I think it's really up to you. You need to try it to know which one you actually prefer.

    As for the forward facing option, my daughter loved it. When she was young, she really wanted to see everything that's going on and like to be "included". There's a maximum weight that they recommend for the forward facing (I think it's 20 lbs or something). But really, if you're starting to feel strain when you're doing that, then you shouldn't do it anymore. I stopped putting my daughter in the forward facing position when she hit 20 lbs... but I think she missed it though since she tries her best to crank her neck to see. Not that she's complaining... but I think she would have preferred if she could still face forward.

    What I love about the Pikkolo is how my daughter rides in it. The Ergo was too low for me (the band goes on your hips) while in the Pikkolo, she rides higher (band goes on your natural waist line) and closer to my body. She also doesn't look like she hanging with her legs splayed wide open. The Pikkolo has the option for you to cinch the crotch area so smaller babies will not have to spread their legs wide (they recommend to do this for the forward facing). My daughter is now 11 months old but I still cinch it coz i don't like the idea that she's spread wide open =p has a comparison chart for the Ergo and Pikkolo... some Ergo moms that I showed it to complained it was biased though... but then again, it's an opinion so like all opinions go... it's usually slanted towards what you prefer. =)

    Try both if you can find a Pikkolo... that way you know what fits right for your body. Just know though that there are some learning curves in using it... but you'll be fine.

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    I haven't tried either of these but I do love my mei tai by CatBird Baby (same makers of the Pikilo). Excellent workmanship and very pretty! I can cinch the middle so that my 4 mos. old doesn't have to spread her legs far and can also do the front facing position, although it isn't nearly as comfortable to carry her this way, so I don't do it very often.

    If you really want a structured carrier, I suggest the Action Baby Carrier. Its less expensive than the other two you mentioned but still very comfy. I don't know what size you are, but these are great for small mamas as well as taller/bigger mamas, as you don't need an extender belt. I carried my 2 yr. old in a back carry in it comfortably while I was pregnant. And its made to be a lighter carrier so its a bit cooler in the summer.

    Good luck finding one that works well for you!

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    I'm in a rush so this isn't as organized as I'd like!

    They are both great carriers. The Pikkolo is much better for infants, since it doesn't require the infant insert, which I personally find awkward. If your child is very much into forward facing out, the Pikkolo is an obvious choice. It doesn't have a padded waistband (although you can get one as a separate accessory), so that makes the Pikkolo more flexible in terms of the types of carries. If you use it with the support belt, you can make the carrier body much longer than the ERGOs. Some people with leaners find that the body of the ERGO is too short once their kids are older.

    The ERGO is slightly easier to figure out at first, the Pikkolo has more of a learning curve. The chest strap on the ERGO is attached, which I prefer. I also love the pocket on the body of the ERGO - it's so handy! Although you can use an ERGO front pouch with a Pikkolo and that's pretty much the same idea.

    The Pikkolo can be worn with crossed straps while the ERGO really can't. I like crossed straps for a back carry.

    If you are still wondering, why not order both from a company that takes returns - that way you can try them out and return the one you don't need.

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    those were the 2 that I narrowed dow to as well.

    I MUCH prefer the Pikkolo and VERY HAPPY with my purchase. DS sits well in it as an infant as well as now that he is nearly 6 months. He likes to face in and out so I like having the option.

    But the big thing for me was that it was less bulky. Less bulk on my waist, arm straps etc.

    The back is also a little higher so I feel like he's better supported in it as well. In the Ergo - it didn't go very high up his back....

    I do have to disagree with the learning curve....I found the Pikkolo was just the same as the Ergo.
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