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    My all time favorite question I was asked, "Do they all have the same father?" My oldest and youngest are darker complected and have dark hair and the middle one is pale and was blonde (her hair's getting darker finally!). Um...yeah, I cheated with the mailman for the second one and then my husband took me back for the third? Um... NO.

    I get the "are they twins?" thing a lot, because my last two are only about 2 inches apart in height and weigh the same. I don't generally dress them alike but I get that about every few days. :P

    I think people are just so fascinated by twins and multiples. I mean--it's cool to have a sibling THAT close.
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    Okay, I confess that I've stopped telling most people that I'm having twins. People that I just meet in passing, that is - cashiers, etc. My energy is so low already, and it just feels like it sucks more energy out of me to have the extended discussion that always comes when they find out it is twins.

    Hopefully I'll have more energy to deal with these conversations when the girls are here because I'm not sure how to masquerade them as a single baby - it is pretty easy when they are still in utero!

    ETA: And the "oh, how perfect - two boys and two girls!" Like my family wasn't perfect before? My heart kinda breaks for the boys, especially DS1 who is old enough to wonder why people need to say this.
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