There have been several threads lately on the boards from moms concerned with their DC's flat heads. And lots of moms who feel their pediatricians have brushed off their concerns with an "it'll round out on its own". Yet we know that congenital or positional plagiocephaly can lead to facial asymmetries and other problems, and that torticollis, with which it often goes hand in hand, is tough to detect and can lead to developmental delays. Yet both of these issues are treatable, and the earlier the better. With all this said, the dismissive tone about this issue in Baby 411 is bothersome. I can imagine a worried mom who has just been brushed off by her pediatrician reading the paragraph in the book and thinking she should let her concerns drop instead of feeling empowered to keep pushing the issue.

I know that the book can't address every single issue a child might have, but since this one is already addressed, maybe a slight change in advice or even tone is warranted. I really loved the book for my son -- you can tell by how worn my copy is!