My 19-month old DD's daycare requires them to wear "closed-back" indoor shoes or slippers (no Crocs). She is currently in her her 18-24 months size soft-sole Robeez, but the elastics are already pinching her at the ankles. Robeez makes a limited selection of soft-sole shoes in larger sizes, but I can't find them in stores, and I'm pretty sure they won't fit her well for now. (We went through this awkward stage when she outgrew her 12-18 month Robeez' elastics, but the next size up was too big.) All the "slippers" I've seen are made of fleece and are too warm for the summer. Any ideas? She has big chubby feet and high instep. And I want something light and breathable (i.e. leather). Oh yeah, and I don't want to spend a fortune (ideally under $20). I was thinking Bobux, but they seem expensive, and more size-specific.