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    Default High chair recommendations

    I just thought it'd be nice to add some extra notes about choosing a high chair:

    Since the AAP recommends starting solids at 6 months, many babies are sitting unsupported at that age. In this case, you don't need a chair that reclines - leaving you open to buying a simple, extremely easy-to-clean chair like the IKEA Antilop (of course, never leaving baby unsupervised in this chair because it doesn't have a harness, only a belt). I have twins and bought 2 Fisher Price Healthy Care high chairs and wish I had waited to make this purchase since we didn't start solids until 6 months - our babies were sitting up by then. The Fisher Price high chairs, while being easy to clean compared to others, are still a real pain to clean. The IKEA Antilop chairs are truly easy to clean, transportable (if we don't want to use restaurant high chairs, these are easy to bring along, and easy to bring to Grandma's house), and best of all - cheap!!

    So, it could be a real money-saver to wait on a high chair purchase until you have a better idea of how you'll use one.

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    True 'dat.

    And you could save yourself more grief by just buying Tripp Trapps early in the game rather than waiting until DC are 2 and a half like I did.....

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    Good points! We'll have to do some research on this---how many folks really use that recline feature and whether a simpler chair is much more cost effective! Thanks again for sharing that,
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