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    Default Help- convertable car seats

    good morning all,

    I have twin boys and pretty soon we're gonna have to purchase converatble car seats, i did hear that brixtar are one of the better ones, however we saw the Greco confort sport in Sam's club for $64 anybody out there have this car seat and what do you think.. all suggestions are appreciated!

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    You might want to post over on the car seat board specifically to get replies from the real carseat gurus. I only know what I have heard from reading there- don't get the Comfort Sport. It has a very short harness height so kids outgrow it way too quickly. You will not get your money's worth out of them. What are you hoping to spend? Here are some seats worth considering:
    -if $ is super tight, the Cosco Scenera gets good marks
    -if you can spend a little more, the new Graco My Ride 65 is supposed to be good and shuld last quite a while
    -The First Years' True Fit
    -Britax Marathon or the Britax Roundabout 50
    -Sunshine Kids' Radian


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    You have some great suggestions... I would just add the Safety 1st Avenue as a better choice around the same pricepoint as those ComfortSports.
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    The ComfortSport is a lousy seat with a low max weight and low top slots. Many/most kids are out of that seat by age 2. The Britax seats will last you probably up to age 4 at the minimum, many kids get to age 6 or older in them. For some kids, they can be the last harnessed seat you'll need (NOT the last seat, you'd need a booster after that, but that is a looooong way off for your sons).


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