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    I'd probably pick the Nanny. It's part time, so the lack of active activities wouldn't really be that detrimental. It would be more of a grandmotherly relationship, correct? I'm biased to be leery of in-home daycares...I think the lack of oversight over the in-home provider can be problematic. One of the in-home providers I know well has too many kids, lets them watch too much tv, doesn't provide enough structured arts/crafts/music etc. and generally disregards parental requests. Nope, I'm all about center care, or the one-on-one nanny.
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    I would go with a nanny for one-on-one interaction at your DD's age (indeed, I am doing the same for DS2). None of the things you describe seem like high-energy things. I'd be more concerned if you said the sitter wouldn't take your active DD to the park, but I would expect someone in her 50s who was offering herself up as a caregiver to be able to read a book, do a puzzle on the floor, etc. Plus, I don't think toddlers like or enjoy socialization with their peers until they are a bit older.
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    Congratulations on your new job!

    I guess if it were me, I would prefer the in-home because of the interaction with the other kids which I find so important. How how many kids can/will she take? I like that she has an assistant to help out with the kids. My friend was considering an in-home caregiver last year and she was taking 10 kids by herself. Though some of them were quite a bit older and were doing some after-school care with her, I thought that number sounded high. 5-6 kids with the caregiver and an assistant, I would be much more comfortable with. Of course, this decision has to feel good and work well for you and your DD. Your DD is at the age too where she can give you some input (not always verbal input) on how comfortable she is with a caregiver.
    Good luck with your decision. Are you able to "trial" your DD for a day or 1/2 day or something? I know some daycare centers will do this.

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