I have reviewed this site from time to time - as I am a mother of one ds & use it for a reference. He seems very smart - I know every Mom thinks that. He is 2.5 & has been sitting & using the potty for 11 months.....as long as I remember to take him - we do fine. My problem is I don't feel we have progressed. HE WILL NOT TELL YOU WHEN HE HAS TO GO! This is one problem. The other is I feel the sitter is not doing their part. He wakes up dry in the morning & after naps. I can get by with 2 wets a day. I have tried letting the sitter know I have minimal problems at home. We are using Pull-Ups & some training pants. I tried rewarding him w/stickers. It seems like he gets bored w/rewards.......Most recently I have tried to sit him in time out when his pants are wet. I told the sitter that was the deal. The first day when I picked him up I asked if he sat on the couch. One said yes & one said no. Well, no b/c he was playing & we didn't get to the potty......see why I think they are not helping. I also feel like we lose grounds when he has been there for a week. It doesn't seem to bother him to pee on himself. I am frustrated. He knows enough to realize sitting in time out is a bad thing. I am tired of hearing he is young - I feel he has the concept down. But WHY WON'T HE TELL US. (He also doesn't call himself by name.) I don't pay a lot for my sitter, but am starting to think I am getting what I pay for. Any suggestions?