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    Default Help! Tall first-time mom seeking walking stroller advice!

    I'm a 6'0 first-time mama with a baby due in February. Like many first-time parents, my stroller research/test-driving spree through Babies R Us have left me a bit dazed and confused.

    I've settled on a Snugrider stroller frame to go with the infant seat and be my go-to easy, lightweight option for errands, quick trips, etc. What I'd like advice about is the purchase of a second stroller as a walker/daytripper. I am very active and would like something that can stand up to vigorous daily walks around my (suburban) neighborhood and have the features and portability to be a great day out option.

    More about what I'm looking for...

    Tall-Mama Friendly:
    -Must have adjustable handles or a reasonable handle height.
    -Shouldn't be easy to kick the back of it when walking fast or taking long strides.

    -Maneuverable, durable frame, wheels suitable mostly for pavement/sidewalks but capable of handling uneven surfaces and grass reasonably well.

    -15-25 lb weight range. Back problems run in my family and I do not want to aggravate mine with regular heavy lifting.
    -EASY to fold.
    -When folded, should fit in the trunk of my Honda Accord. (Room for fitting other items in the trunk is also a plus!)

    Infant Features:
    -Accomodates Graco Snugride seat and/or has full recline suitable for an infant.

    -Under $300 a must. Under $200 even better.
    -Can be either a reliable value-priced stroller or something more expensive (provided that gently used models can be easily found on eBay or Craigslist).

    Ideas? Advice?

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    Actually, I would look into going with the Graco Mosaic (~$100) instead of the stroller frame... it's only slightly more than the frame, is compact (plenty of room in my trunk for other things) & relatively lightweight (19lbs-ish), and has a small footprint (fits amongst clothing racks at Kohls) yet takes an infant seat... this leaves the option of a stroller if baby is awake on an errand and wants out of their seat (with a frame, you'd be stuck). I've been using the Mosaic (with SnugRide32) as my only do-all stroller for 23 months and been very happy.

    PS - I don't know how far along you are, but Graco is due to have new patterns out in Oct/Nov.
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    One thing I'd suggest is to make sure the handlebar is telescopic, rather than just adjustable from a hinged point. (Does that make sense? For example Mountain Buggies and Phil & Teds have handlebars that adjust with a hinge; Bugaboos and Mutsys have telescopic handlebars.) I find that it helps with stride length as well as height. My Stepdad is 6'2", and can push our Cameleon with comfort.

    Sorry, beyond that, I have no specifics off the top of my head.

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    Look at the Baby Jogger City Classic - adjustable handlebars, tall seats for tall children, great steering, air tires for all sorts of terrain, one-step fold awesome canopy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ariveraz View Post
    Look at the Baby Jogger City Classic - adjustable handlebars, tall seats for tall children, great steering, air tires for all sorts of terrain, one-step fold awesome canopy.
    We have a BJ Classic Single and my husband adores it. He's 6'2" No problems kicking it ever (that drives me crazy too). And you simply CANNOT beat the fold.
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    DH is 6'0" and is happy with the telescopic handle on the Uppa Baby Vista. I also like the handle height on the Maclarens, which is quite high compared to other strollers. I'm only 5'6" and love the handle height of it. The friend who rec. the Maclaren line to me is 5'10" and loves her Quest, and Techno Double. She has also been very happy with her Bob Revolution Double.
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    From that list of requirements, I'd go with a Mac Techno. It has adjustable handles, is lightish (though not as light as the other Macs), has a small fold, and can handle some vigorous walking. Though that depends on your definition of vigorous, and the state of your sidewalks. You may have to consider an air tire stroller if things are too bumpy. Unfortunately, I think it's closer to $300 than $200, but I'm in Canada, where sales are not as easy to come by, so you might be able to get a deal. My friend has one for her one and only stroller in Vancouver (their weather is much milder than ours!). I was able to try it out when visiting her, and really wished that we had one of those rather than our Quest - though I do appreciate how much lighter the Quest is.

    I am 5'7" and definitely at the high end of being comfortable with any of the other Macs. I kick the back when I walk if I'm not paying strict attention. This happens at least once each time I take it out. My DH is 5'11" and seems OK with it too, but his legs are the same length as mine When my mom pushes it (she used to be 6 ft., but thanks to osteoporosis is more like 5'10" now) she's all hunched over - she doesn't complain, but that's because she's so happy to see her only grandchild, I'm sure. My dad at 6"2' is also tripping all over the Mac when he pushes it.
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    I'm 5'11" and my DH is 6'6" and we have a Zooper Hula and a Bumbleride Indie and they work great for us. I test drove a Bob and a Phil and Teds and I kicked the back of the stroller a lot.
    The Hula seems hard to find but I think that the Mambo would be similar but it is outside your price range.

    If I were to do it again, I would seriously look at the Baby Jogger City Classic. IIRC the handle height can be adjusted up to 45" which has to be one of the highest available and almost everyone I know who has one LOVES it.
    When I was doing research on strollers I found that lists the handle height for all of the strollers it sells.
    The BB homepage also gives a list of strollers with adjustable handles, although it looks a bit outdated.
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    Hi Munchasauras-
    I'm 5'11" and DH is 6'2". We started off using a stroller frame also.
    We got a MacLaren Quest- which was a good investment, really light, turns easily, etc. Handlebars are fixed, but designed for taller folks

    We also got a Baby Jogger City Classic single in red- it has an adjustable handlebar- and we LOVE it- we wish we had this sooner! It goes up to 75 lbs, and our DD loves to ride in it! We don't run, but we needed something with a little more AT capabilities for walks, zoo trips, etc. I like how high the seat back is and the canopy for my tall DD!

    I also have an 93 accord and can fit the BJCC in my car no problem! It has a great fold- the MAC fits in too,- I can fit both if needed, but usually have one or the other, and DH has the other in his Subaru!

    I know they are having sales on BJCC- You could also pick up the stroller frame on CL or elsewhere or just buy a part that clips onto the BJ classic-the infant car seat frame!

    Also- my BJ did not have a cupholder- I ordered one from Sunshine kids- which was about 10 bucks that velcros on, and works great!

    GL and congrats!

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    a snap n go will be GREAT for the car running errands etc when baby is sleeping. when awake and over i'd say 3-4 month old, they like to be out of the car seat i've found, and the baby jogger city classic would be great for your everyday stroller. probally will be annoying to load in/out of the car for short trips but i find ANY stroller (light or not!) annoying for quick trips (unless baby is sleeping, do not disturb!) and i use my sling for say a quick run into a store. I LOOOOVE my hotsling for quick trips and my bugaboo for longer days out, love being able to see baby but i don't do serious walking like you do so a bug works great for me GL!

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