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    Default PLEASE READ before posting to this forum

    This is a very busy forum, and we request that everyone follow these guidelines to keep it running smoothly.

    If you are posting a coupon code or printable coupon, please post it as a reply to the "Coupon Codes & Printables" thread at the top of the forum. The only exception to this rule is one-time use codes which can be posted to the main forum.

    If you are posting a deal, please do a search or look through the last few pages of posts to make sure there's not already a thread. We're getting lots of duplicates lately.

    If you are looking for a deal, do these things FIRST:
    1. Look in the Coupon Codes and Printables thread to see if the discount you're looking for is included there.
    2. Do a Search to see if you can find an answer to your question.
    3. When posting, include ISO in your thread title - for example: "ISO coupon code for Land of Nod." (ISO means In Search Of.)
    When posting a coupon, please use a direct link to the company's web site. Scanned coupons or PDF versions are not allowed (unless it is a PDF posted to the company's domain). Links containing referral information are not allowed - please remove the referral code before posting.

    No Referrals and other Bargain Alert rules:
    We do not allow users to post links with referral id's or commission links or posts intended to generate referral incentives. Please just put a plain link to the company's site in your post. Additionally, you may not state "please PM me for a referral/invite" in your post.

    We do not allow trading of receipts.

    Also: we don't allow posts that are ads or spam. That is true for ALL our boards. Example: no links to your ebay auctions, home business, etc. By keeping our boards ad-free, we hope to create a helpful and vital community for all our readers.


    Starting in October 2013, we are using VigLink on this board. Viglink automatically affiliates commercial links on these boards. If you buy a product after clinking on a link you see on these boards, the board owners may earn a small commission. We use these monies to help keep the board ad and spam-free, as well as to pay for bandwidth.

    For more information about VigLink, click here. This disclosure is provided in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR 255.5 guidelines.

    You can opt out of VigLink for sites you visit by clicking here.


    Buy/Sell/Trade not allowed
    No buying/selling/trading is allowed on the forums (with the exception of coupon trading and in the wedding dress "for sale" forum).
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