I originally got an older version of your book from the library. The information about the different manufacturers was great. Realizing many things had changed since 2004 (or was it 2005?) I went ahead and ordered the latest edition. I especially wanted to see what had changed with the dress manufacturer information. Apparently what had changed was that this portion was no longer included. Such a shame as the info really helped - way more than the fast chart.

Why I feel like this should be included in its entirety like previously, has to do with my next suggestion: used wedding dress websites. Examples are preownedweddingdresses.com, bravobride.com, and oncewed.com. I think you had a couple of short sentences about this, but not nearly the coverage that they deserve (maybe they become more mainstream after you published?) You could spend days (or like me) months looking for the perfect dress.

It's only from reading your previous edition did I realize that your complaints with Maggie Sottero (the lowest rated manufacturer) did not seem to be based on the actual quality of their dresses. Mostly it was regarding the length of time it took to order the dress. Since this has no bearing on used dresses, the information is kinda important.

SO please, for your readers, put that back and include more info about the used sites. BravoBride.com has used/sample/etc stuff for all wedding needs. Also, recommending that a bride use escrow.com would probably be prudent.