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    Default Green lantern ring?? Help!

    Are there any crafty moms who can help me figure out how to fashion green lantern rings? I was thinking of doing something w/pipe cleaners & green beads from Michaels...Am I crazy? Should I just fork over $4/ring+ shipping & just buy 8 of them online?

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    Default has them on sale for $2.99 each with $4.99 shipping. The only reasonable coupon I could find for them was FREESHIP for free shipping on $25.00 expires 2/28. 8 rings would be $23.92 so you could buy 9 of them for $26.91 shipped. I have bought from them before and always been happy with their products and service.

    Not great but better than $3.99 plus shipping. I believe they are also affiliated with Upromise.

    Good luck.


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