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    Default 2009 Holiday Hits and Misses

    Let's start this year's thread! List the age of the child, the toys that were hits and the toys that were misses. My kids have only opened one small wave of toys (from MIL) but there are a couple of early hits:


    7yo boy:

    Science set with test tubes
    Legos Space Police set
    DS2's car wash tub toy
    Star Wars fandex character guide

    3.75yo boy:

    Lionel railroad crossing bank that is as tall as he is (HUGE hit)
    Car wash tub toy
    Joey magnetic dress up doll
    Telling Time clock

    No obvious misses yet, though there are a few things that haven't gotten as much playtime yet. But DS1 was in school until yesterday, so there hasn't been much time.

    ETA: Okay, round 2 is over. More hits:

    7yo boy:

    Crayola art set from Costco
    FP Laugh & Learn Home (huh? could barely drag him away from it)
    And the out-of-the-park home run? A Twilight Sea Turtle, of all things!

    3.75yo boy:

    FP Laugh & Learn Home (it was actually the twins' gift, not a family gift lol)
    Playmobil construction and police sets
    Twilight Turtle
    Kitchen Littles stove, birthday set and pizza set - I'd say that this is probably the home run so far
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    5yo Boy


    Pop-up Castle Book
    Build a Bear (still have yet to go, but he's chompin' at the bit)
    Gingerbread House

    Pixar non-Cars Characters Car Plushies from Disney Store. Mommy heartbroken
    Curious George DVD

    Mixed Bag
    Beatles Limited Edition Drinking Glasses (loved them, but wanted a toy)

    We have a sh*tload left to go on Xmas, so ... we'll see how it goes, tho something tells me his first bike will be a hit.
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    The biggest hit from Chanukah by far has been Wii Sports Resort. They LOVE this game.

    DS1 also loves the Lego Creator Beach House and a ream of blank paper, LOL! , DS2 was thrilled with the Playmobil airplane and some football slippers my mom got him at Old Navy.

    I will report back again after Christmas.

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    we did a lot of present opening the other day because we are celebrating 2 christmases this year (dh is in army and we are traveling to another state for xmas)

    hits for my 2 year old:

    Fisher Price loving family dollhouse

    Wooden unit blocks from mellissa and doug

    kitty keyboard

    Tall stacker pegs

    Wooden baby doll cradle

    I'll be back after Chirstmas!

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    Hits from a 6.5 year old:

    Playmobil (though yesterday while in NYC passing by TRU Express, he adjusted his Santa list and *really* wanted an aircraft carrier and said he really didn't need all of the playmobil's that were on the list. Geez, thanks! I told him Santa had already left the North Pole, too bad!)

    Raging Reptiles book/animals set from Amazon
    Wii Games
    Tech Deck skateboards
    Hess Truck - #1 hit i think!

    i bought too many matchbox cars snagging the .49 deal at Walgreens this week! Oops.....
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    5.5 Yr old Girl
    Zhu Zhu Pet
    FunHouse for zhu zhu
    Zhu zhu wheel
    Leapfrog Tag
    Imaginext Fire Station
    Easy Bake Oven
    2.5 yr old Girl
    Leap frog tag Jr
    Board Books
    Vtech Train
    Color Wonders
    Talking Puppy
    10 month old Boy
    Biggest Hit
    Knitted Firefighter
    Vtech Train
    Vtech helicopter
    Sensory balls
    talking puppy
    Work bench
    3-1 sports center
    Sitting in all the wrapping paper

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    We're going to see DH's nieces & nephew in a few ... my biggest concerns are for his nieces - the fairy-theme gift for the 7 y/o and the "Puppy in my Pocket" critters for the 5 y/o (she's into Littlest Pet Shop, but their oversized eyes wig me out so I couldn't bring myself to buy any!)

    The nephew doesn't care what we give him ... he's 3. I love shopping for him - anything I want, he likes. We're pals; I think it's a bonus that I know all the names of all the dinosaurs and have made an effort to learn the character names for Cars.

    I'll post later with the actual results. Pray for us.
    DD (3/2010)

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    4.5 year old boy
    Playmobil airplane (thanks BBB!)
    Tonka trucks from Costco
    Garage from Kid Craft (thanks BBB)
    Cars LARGE coloring set from babysitter
    Stomp rocket

    3.5 year old boy
    Toy vacuum
    Garage from Kid Craft (thanks BBB)
    Stomp rocket

    RF Wagon
    Plasma cars (might also scratch our floors)

    American Girl boy bitty twin (CANNOT BELIEVE THIS) -- DS #2 THREW it back in the box and refuses to look at it

    DS #1 Summer 05
    DS #2 Summer 07

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    DD#1 Hits
    Operation Game
    V-Tech laptop from our friends
    CrazyForts (is DD#2's gift, but DD#1 took over it)

    DD#2 Hits
    Corolle ballerina outfit
    Disney Princess Snow White doll (all of $5!)
    Pez dispenser
    Tinkerbell costume (from friends)

    not sure, we're still knee-deep in wrapping paper!

    DD#1: April 2004
    DD#2: January 2007

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    2.5y/o girl

    Cariboo game (thought she wouldn't be able to play it yet but she can-- with us)
    Kidcraft doll high chair
    Doll bathtub
    Little people Fun Park & Ferris Wheel playset
    Fancy Nancy doll and dress-up dress
    M&D easel
    Ikea train set
    new toothbrush!

    felt food (but giving it time b/c it was one of the last gifts opened)
    Plan toy geometric sorting board

    M&D stringing beads (liked at first but quickly ignored in favor of other gifts)

    Wish I'd got:
    clothes for her doll (when she opened her clothing gifts for herself, she insisted they would all fit her doll)

    The good: she seems to pretty much love everything. The bad: it was WAY too much stuff. Much of the above is from grandparents/relatives over the past week (and we haven't even seen my parents yet). I actually held off giving her some of the stuff I bought b/c I felt she got too much already.
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