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    For your own peace of mind, you should see if you can schedule an appt. with a lactation consultant and do a weigh/feed/weigh. That will tell you exactly how much he's gaining from a breastfeeding session. Or just buy a precise baby digital scale (but that might lead to too many weighings if you're really the anxious type). My cousin's sons had issues so she bought one and ended up giving it to me. I used it the first week, but my DD1 and DD2 both gained weight quickly so I ended up selling it on Craigslist. Try there first, as retail they can be $100 or more.

    Don't forget to try fenugreek, too! I just started it yesterday, had about 4 capsules (2 at 1 pm and 2 at 9 pm) and then pumped 5 oz this morning about 3 hours after nursing (which is nearly twice what I usually pump!). I'm so excited and relieved I don't have to have my 9.5 month old get formula supplementation.

    Kellymom says you should take 2-4 capsules (mine are the 612 mg fenugreek from GNC) 3 times a day and that should lead to increased supply. I started off conservative with just 2 capsules (instead of 4) and had only done it twice (as I forgot this morning's pills).


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    Quote Originally Posted by ♥ms.pacman♥ View Post
    (some feedings would take 1.5 hrs, so the feedings would almost "overlap" each other and it seemed like i was always nursing!)
    When you say the feedings would take 1.5 hours, did you do 45 mins per breast? Or 20 mins per breast and switch back and forth multiple times?

    I've done a few sessions where I had to switch him back and forth after like 20-30mins each breast.

    smiles33 - I'm taking fenugreek too. 4 to 6/7 capsules a day (500mg each). But I can't tell if its working since I haven't been pumping since I started taking them. haha. I'm going to pump some today to compare with what I did last week. I'll look into getting a scale too.

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