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    Default help! bad shopper and worse cook...

    It's not really that I'm a bad cook, I guess, I just need ideas/recipes...I'm not good at throwing together meals myself (I end up at the grocery store multiple times per week). Now that DS is starting to eat more table foods, I need some ideas of meals I can make for DH and myself that translate easily into new finger foods for DS. I still don't want to give him alot of sauces/spices but I hate making two different dinners every night! Does that make sense?

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    Spices and sauces are totally ok, especially the spices. Around the world they don't withhold these and babies do just fine.


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    I don't want to sound insulting, so please don't take this the wrong way. There's a great book that I have, and have bought for several other people, called "Clueless in the Kitchen: A cookbook for teens and other beginners". I really, really love it, and I've cooked professionally for twenty + years. (Now, only part-time since infant DS.) It is a great basic primer on _scratch_ cooking; great chili, roast a chicken and how to cut it up, make a cake without a mix, ect.
    As far as menu planning... that's one that I tend to let time solve. Whenever you do actually come up with a combo that works well for your household, make a reciepe card for it! Not down to the teaspoon, unless you want to, but I'll do stuff like tonight we're having mahi mahi with mango salsa, rice mix, cantaloupe and salad. So, on my card I would write "mahi mahi" and under that, the things I served with it.. melon, rice, salad, mango salsa. Then, I take the cards, sorted by the main dish to the store with me. That way, the next time I see mahi mahi on sale, I think "What can I serve with that?" and pull out all the cards for mahi mahi, and decide what I need to round out a meal. This works well for me, but I always have a good idea of what I have on hand in fridge and pantry.
    As far as finger foods? At 13 mo, DS pretty much eats what we do, unless we're having something unheathy, like take-out pizza... in that case, he'll get a smidge of what we're having, and I'll make him a seperate meal.

    Good luck to you...

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