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Thread: cutting grapes

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    I think I stopped when he was around 2.5. I still cut hotdogs though...not sure what my logic is there.
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    for Fairy. Ever since reading that post I've decided to stop when DD is 35 or so.

    Seriously though, in the Ellyn Satter book I'm reading she pointed out the difference in chewing and swallowing for toddlers and young children vs. older children and adults. Little ones suck their food to move it around so they can chew and swallow it, older ones roll it around with their tongue. The mechanics make them more prone to choking, so I'm going to cut for a while yet.
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    Thank you, Molly :-). 35 sounds good to me!
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    I still cut hotdogs and grapes. Not sure when I'll stop.
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    Our daycare requires that grapes, hotdogs, etc are cut until the child's 5th b-day. At home, *I* cut them. DH, not so much.

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    I think I stopped sometime after age 4? I remember Fairy's post (totally horrifying) and this one as well That said, I always slice if we will be eating away from the table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaMolly View Post
    for Fairy. Ever since reading that post I've decided to stop when DD is 35 or so.
    Yep, that's what I'm planning to do with hot dogs, too.

    I still cut DD1's grapes in her lunchbox, because I worry with all the noise and chaos of the lunchroom, nobody would notice her choking on one. At home she generally eats them whole, but she's 5.5 now.

    I still have to practically dice DD2's food at going on 2 - the kid refuses to take bites of things, and will shove anything that fits in her mouth in all at once. She seriously almost choked on scrambled eggs this weekend, because she stuffed so much in at one time. (Really, DH yanked her out of her chair and had her over his knee before she managed to spit it back out - the look of panic on her face was heart wrenching.) I have no idea what to do with her, but I will definitely be cutting her grapes for a long, long time!

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    I cut/quarter for my 1 year old but not for my 3 and 4 yo. I haven't seen any of the preschool kids (3-4) with grapes cut up for them.
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    I still do it and DD will be 4 in August. I am the only person I know IRL who still does it for a 3yo or older. Fairy posted a while back about a scary hot dog choking incident with her son who I believe was 5.
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    I still cut up most choke-able foods for my three, and my oldest is 7.

    Does anyone else remember Mason, the best friend of one of our BBB mama's son? He choked to death on a hot dog at age five (I believe it was five...). That still affects me, and I think about Mason often during meals. I can't remember which mama it was; it happened SO long ago. I searched and searched for the original posts, but I think it was way before the board change, and I can't seem to pull it up. It was so tragic and horrifying.

    The memory of Mason still helps keep my kids safe even today.

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