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    Default Goody bag for daycare bday party

    I'm planning on having a birthday party for DD (3 yo) at daycare. Something simple, just pizza and ice cream (or cake) instead of their usual lunch. I still need to work out the details with the caregiver.

    Should I give goody bags as well? I would like to give one nice thing instead of, what I like to call, a bag 'o crap. Disney has some tshirts for $5 this week (princess for the girls, Cars for the boys). Would this be considered an extravagant goody bag? I don't want to be know as 'that mother' where other moms will feel like they have to do the same now. Then, of course, that could be just me and how I always think. Should I just scratch the goody bag idea? We're not doing a party outside of daycare. If we were, I wouldn't hesitate. I'm just not sure what's appropriate for daycare. There are about 12 kids in the class.

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    Some of the kids at DS' preschool did goody bags, some didn't. It was usually the bag of candy and plastic and maybe a pencil/eraser. I did maracas from Oriental Trading one year. I dont know that I would have thought you were "that mom" or anything, but I would have been very surprised to have DS bring home something as expensive as a t-shirt.


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    I wouldn't worry about giving goody bags this time.

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    I wouldn't worry too much about it. I think t-shirts are unexpected goody bag items, but are definitely better than the typical "trinkets & trash". One of the kids in my DD's daycare had their 3rd b-day at school and a balloon maker came. It was a huge hit. I think that would be more memorable than goody bags. Or maybe you could spend a couple of hours there to read stories, play a game or two and do face painting.

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