I'm planning on having a birthday party for DD (3 yo) at daycare. Something simple, just pizza and ice cream (or cake) instead of their usual lunch. I still need to work out the details with the caregiver.

Should I give goody bags as well? I would like to give one nice thing instead of, what I like to call, a bag 'o crap. Disney has some tshirts for $5 this week (princess for the girls, Cars for the boys). Would this be considered an extravagant goody bag? I don't want to be know as 'that mother' where other moms will feel like they have to do the same now. Then, of course, that could be just me and how I always think. Should I just scratch the goody bag idea? We're not doing a party outside of daycare. If we were, I wouldn't hesitate. I'm just not sure what's appropriate for daycare. There are about 12 kids in the class.